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Traffic congestion is ‘swallowing up the region’ and hurting competitiveness, say business leaders

Business and community leaders in Seattle, Bellevue and Auburn sang a familiar refrain Tuesday that has been heard at meetings around the state. Traffic congestion and an unreliable transportation system are making it difficult for Washington employers to be competitive with other states, and internationally. Focus during the meetings also centered on K-12 and […]

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Priorities4Prosperity in Everett: ‘If we have the workforce, employers will come.’

07/28/2014 - WashACE

Economic development officials in Snohomish County say a prepared workforce is the key to economic growth in the NW region of the state. And the perceived stigmas attached to a “lesser” community college or technical school degree are hurting efforts to get students prepared for high-paying, skilled positions in a […]

We need next-gen workforce ready to go, say Spokane leaders

07/25/2014 - WashACE

As baby boomers continue to retire, employers are worried the pipeline of skilled workers to fill these critical roles is coming up short. And Spokane area community and business leaders are expressing doubts that the current community college system is capable of keeping up with the demand to train the next-generation […]

Yakima leaders share concerns about high youth unemployment on listening tour

07/25/2014 - WashACE

Yakima community and business leaders who attended a WashACE listening tour gathering Wednesday identified education, transportation and creating a strong business climate as the most important issues facing the state and their community. A good transportation network is especially important because of the region’s dependence on agriculture and the need […]

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  • Transportation is the big issue in Tacoma. ‘It’s hard to say there’s anything that matters to that degree.’ #Priorities4Prosperity
  • Traffic congestion is "swallowing up the region" and hurting competitiveness say business leaders « #waleg
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