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Spokesman-Review: Charter schools represent “money well-spent, for everyone.”

An Oct. 31 editorial published by the Spokesman-Review debunks several arguments used against new charter schools that were approved by voters in 2012. The Washington Education Association opposes charter schools that give parents, and students, more options in education. The teachers union has filed suit to overturn the voter-approved measure […]

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The impact of teacher quality on your child’s future

10/30/2014 - WashACE

Time Magazine’s November 3 cover story takes an interesting look at teacher quality and tenure and its impact on student success. A Los Angeles County court ruling recently struck down California teacher tenure laws because, according to the Time report, “bad teachers substantially undermine a child’s education” and this happens […]

New report: $7 billion investment in WA transportation system would yield $42 billion in economic benefits, support 184,000 jobs

10/21/2014 - WashACE

A $7 billion investment to preserve and maintain state road and bridge networks and improve key economic corridors would generate $42 billion in benefits and increase state and local tax revenues by $2 billion over 30 years according to a new report released today by the Washington Roundtable and The […]

Common Core Standards popular with teachers, good for students says new report

10/20/2014 - WashACE

Classroom teachers are embracing the positive outcomes of Common Core Standards being implemented in schools in Washington and around the nation according to a new report by Scholastic and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Sixty-eight percent of teachers who report they are in schools where Common Core implementation was […]

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