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Looking ahead to the next legislative session

Last week’s elections provided some certainties that will greatly influence the outcome of critical issues facing the 2015 Washington State Legislature. Republicans fully secured their leadership position in the state Senate, winning 25 seats outright (their caucus will have 26 votes with Sen. Tim Sheldon, a conservative Democratic senator from […]

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Manufacturing: It pays to build great things

11/04/2014 - WashACE

From AWB’s Olympia Business Watch> It pays to build great things. That’s true for manufacturing workers in Washington, who earn an average wage of $82,000, and for Washington state as a whole, where exports — bolstered by the state’s 6,900 manufacturing firms — contribute $75 billion a year to the […]

Spokesman-Review: Charter schools represent ‘money well-spent, for everyone’

10/31/2014 - WashACE

An Oct. 31 editorial published by the Spokesman-Review debunks several arguments used against new charter schools that were approved by voters in 2012. The Washington Education Association opposes charter schools that give parents, and students, more options in education. The teachers union has filed suit to overturn the voter-approved measure […]

The impact of teacher quality on your child’s future

10/30/2014 - WashACE

Time Magazine’s November 3 cover story takes an interesting look at teacher quality and tenure and its impact on student success. A Los Angeles County court ruling recently struck down California teacher tenure laws because, according to the Time report, “bad teachers substantially undermine a child’s education” and this happens […]

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