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School reforms must accompany new spending in meeting McCleary requirements

The state Supreme Court has ruled that Washington lawmakers are in contempt for not moving more quickly to meet demands of the McClearly court decision requiring more spending on education. The estimated $3 billion-plus price tag has the legislature staggering for ways to fund the increased spending. This issue will be front-and-center when lawmakers convene next […]

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Washington businesses pay over 54 percent of state and local taxes

09/12/2014 - WashACE

A new Ernst & Young report indicates business taxes paid in Washington grew by 4.3 percent from FY 2012, an increase equal to the national average growth rate. Taxes paid by businesses represented 54.2 percent of state and local tax revenues in Washington, up from 54.0 percent in FY 2012, […]

478 bridge spans in need of seismic upgrades; funding is about to run dry

09/08/2014 - WashACE

For over two decades, the Washington State Department of Transportation has reinforced bridges with additional steel and concrete in an attempt to make them less susceptible to catastrophic collapses and other, less severe, structural failures during earthquakes, reports Crosscut’s Bill Lucia. However, 478 spans are still in need of seismic […]

Vancouver Columbian: Common Core Myths, Facts

09/05/2014 - WashACE

The Vancouver Columbian has published a thoughtful editorial about Common Core educational standards that is worth a read. The column dispels a number of misconceptions circulating about the Common Core by outlining two important facts: • Common Core was not developed by the federal government, although the feds have embraced the idea and have […]

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