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Port Commissioner: Neglected roads threaten 40,000 freight-related jobs in WA

Neglected roads are a threat to some 40,000 freight-related jobs in this state, Port of Seattle Commissioner Bill Bryant told attendees at the Central Washington Transportation Symposium according to a report in the Yakima Herald-Republic. Companies may choose to ship freight through other states that have invested in their highway […]

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Voices of concern on I-1351, the class-size initiative

10/08/2014 - WashACE

“On the surface, Initiative 1351 appears appealing, promising smaller classes in Washington public schools,” says a new Seattle Times editorial. “But what it really does is unnecessarily complicate the state Legislature’s very serious job of meeting a state Supreme Court order to fully fund basic education.” The Times and other […]

Your vote is your voice. Use it in the upcoming election.

10/08/2014 - WashACE

This November’s general election is just around the corner. A slate of legislative races around the state will determine control of the state Senate and whether the House and Senate will see more lawmakers elected who understand the importance of strengthening our K-12 and higher education systems, addressing serious transportation […]

State Board of Education chair: Students can be successful when they graduate from high school

10/03/2014 - WashACE

The chair of the State Board of Education, Isabel Muñoz-Colón, is featured in a new video discussing the importance of career and college readiness. “One of the reasons the state board has had such a great focus on college and career readiness has been because we know that many of […]

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